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In 1970, SENFA ("Société d'ENduction à Façon" in French) was founded. SENFA's activity at that time was coating thermofusible interlinings destined to reinforce shirt collars for Dubin Haskell Jacobson (DHJ).

In 1979, beginning of the diversification activities.

1983 - 1984, SENFA launched itself into coating industrial fabrics giving them the following properties : insulation, flame retardant, making them more rigid, more resistant or simply to be in conformity with certain aesthetic criteria.

On 1st October 1996,the CHARGEURS Group purchased SENFA and DHJ, and baptized the new entity DHJ INTERNATIONAL.

1999, start-up of a new activity ; Pocketing.

2002, start-up of a new wide width coating line (3400mm) and new projects for finished articles in protective fabrics.